How to Live Dangerously is a straight-talking, wonderfully entertaining manifesto that assesses the REAL risks of modern life.

Worried about someone abducting your child? You’d have to lock them out of the house every day for 200,000 years before they were taken (and even then you’d get them back safe within 24 hours)

Afraid of flying? You’d have to fly every day for the next 26,000 years to die in a crash (during which time you’d have died 20 times over driving to the airport).

We live in a society governed by fear. Packets of peanuts ‘may contain nuts’, and we keep our children ‘safely’ locked indoors, encouraged to fear risks that previous generations took for granted. How to Live Dangerously encourages us to ignore the media’s daily list of phantom dangers and embrace a new freedom in the way we live. We may as well get out there and enjoy ourselves while we can, because, in the end, we’re a long time dead.

‘Warwick Cairns’s direct, engaging, conversational prose is a delight to read...inspirational.’    Andrew Roberts.

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How to Live Dangerously

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